Min. requirements: An Android mapping app with built in support for the mapsforge vector library V3.0 and alternative render themes and a serious amount of free memory.

A list of compatible apps can be found here..

The OpenAndroMaps are testet with Locus and Oruxmaps on a Sony Xperia Active and various tabletts.

Install render theme + mapfiles for all other apps supporting Mapsforge vector maps:

Use the generic themes for the old version of Oruxmaps, it contains only the symbols+patternset of the original render-theme provided by the Mapsforge group.
So any app that supports the full capabilitys incl. custom themes (styles) of the Mapsforge-library V3 should be able to display the cycle maps.

Generic Themes pack

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  1. Nee says:


    I’ve downloaded the map for Thailand, created a OAM folder with the files unzipped as mentioned.
    But I don’t understand how to view this map in my Oruxmap.

    “Once the new version of Oruxmaps with the themeswitcher is installed (updated) aktivate one of the themes for the openandromaps by calling the themeswitcher in Oruxmaps, switch to the folder /OAM and tap on the theme you want to be displayed (eg. andromaps_hc.xml).”

    • admin_openandromaps
      admin_openandromaps says:


      Please copy the .map -file to /oruxmaps/mapfiles
      and the theme to /oruxmaps/mapstyles/OAM
      so then you have

      You will find the Themeswitcher here: “TWEAKS” – “Mapsforge style”.
      The Tweaks-Menu can be found by pressing the Android menu button usualy located on the lower side of the phone.

      Best regards,

      • Nee says:

        Hi, all done but the .map file can’t be paste into mapfiles. I’ve right click to copy (can be done) but when I get into mapfile folder, there’s no paste option.

        • admin_openandromaps
          admin_openandromaps says:


          I assume that you are using Android 4.4.# – right?
          If so the best way is to remove the sd-card from the phone, use a card-reader and copy the maps to the sd-card.

          There is a new version of oruxmaps on the way:
          This version will make installing of maps and themes _WAYS_ easier – You just have to click on the Orux-Download-Button on Openandromaps at the smartphones browser and the map will be copied to the right folder AND the andromaps_## themes will be installed / updated.

          Here is a preview on youtube: http://youtu.be/Gxu8mF74mKA

          Beste regards, Christian

  2. goldentree says:


    downloaded most recent mapfiles plus XML-file and installed on my device Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with latest Android version.
    It shows rather different from former maps and less clear to use. Besides sea and large water on map Netherlands is white (!) instead of blue and therefore coastline not clearly visible. And last but not least loading of maps is very slow compared with earlier map/themes.

    So new is not always an improvement.


    • admin_openandromaps
      admin_openandromaps says:


      Sorry to say but there has literaly _nothing_ changed with the maps of the netherlands.
      This map has its very own tagmapping from beginning of OAM on – and I have changed nothing with this mapping.

      As for slow loading of maps.
      – If you update a map the cache have to be rebuilt – a time consuming prozess in the beginning. Once the cache is rebuilt the speed should be the same as bevore.
      – Depending on the version of Andromaps_HC you used bevore its perfect possible that you experience a slow down in initial loading of the maps. Thats the price for all bells n’ whistles in features that have been requestet and implemented.
      – The OSM data density in netherlands is the highest in the world, thats fine but slowing down the maps in the other hand.

      So my avdvice:
      If you can live without biergardens, dog-parks, miniature railways aso.. use the old, generic andromaps_hc, its definitly faster.
      As for the white sea: clear the cache of your app, there is something terrible wrong (the map itself is OK). Maybe there are artefacts residing in cache from other maps without land/sea polygons.

      Best regards,

    • Tobias says:

      It could also be that you’re app switched to the default theme (osmarender) and that the reason why the sea is white.
      Which app are you using?
      Maybe your old maps were the really old ones with the similar named theme (netherlands.xml) next to the maps that were used automatically. Now you have to manually choose the theme so that it is used.
      Maybe you can post a screenshot?
      Best regards,

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