IMPORTANT CHANGES for Themes (tag-mapping)


This is an information for Theme-Composers.
There will be an important change in tag-mapping for the OpenAndroMaps.

Maps for testing your Themes are available here:

Download Area for Developers = Maps for testing your themes


Until today sac_scale was preprocessed to carry only 4 levels:
T1,T2,T3 and T4, while T4 included T5+T6 too.

Now sac_scale will be extended for all levels = T1 – T6 (August update), so seperate levels for T1,T2,T3,T4,T5,T6

This includes some minor changes:
DAV_SCALE „black“ is transformed to SAC_SCALE=T5 (was T4 so far)
If a way includes any „via_ferrata“ tag/value SAC_SCALE is set to „T6“ (was T4 so far)

in a second step (October) raw_sac_scale will be no longer supported = removed from Tag-Mapping!

SO: sac_scale T4 will NO LONGER INCLUDE T5+T6 > T5 AND T6 are seperate values from August update on.
THIS MEANS: You have to extend existing rules for sac_scale=T4 to „sac_scale“=“T4|T5|T6“
AND existing rules for „raw_sac_scale“ have to be extended to „sac_scale|raw_sac_scale“

Please prepare your themes.

This have to be made in a 2-step process:

Extend your rules so that sac_scale prozesses T5 and T6 too.
So if you have a rule :

extend it to:

from October on you can create additional, seperate rules for T5/T6

If you use a raw_sac_scale, extend the rules:

So everyone making themes for OpenAndroMaps have to ensure that everything renders fine when expanding the sac_scale and finally deleting raw_sac_scale. I know its annoying – however there is no other way to ensure that the maps render fine in future.

Additional TAGS that will be removed from tag-mapping by end of October:

  • raw_sac_scale (as mentioned above)
  • incline_dir
  • class_bicycle_mtb, class_bicycle_road (maybe we find a solution to transform _mtb to existing tags)
  • noexit

I’m terribly sorry about this, however recently I discovered that there is a limit of max. 15 Tags in the MapsforgeWriter per OSM_Object so I have to reduce the amount of tags – otherwise we end up in white tiles rendering the maps at is was the case with parts of upper Austria last weeks.

See discussion of this issue at MapsforgeDevGroup:!topic/mapsforge-dev/kQKfCMGk2Ec

Best regards

4 Kommentare
  1. Heinz-Ulrich Schwarz says:

    Ich habe mal die oben verlinkte Diskussion nachgelesen. Ist schon irre, was da für eine Arbeit dahinter steckt. Wobei das für mich weitgehend „böhmische Dörfer“ sind.

    Da bin ich schon ziemlich schnell überfordert und kann nur weiter als einfacher OSM contributor was machen …

    • ChristianK
      ChristianK says:

      Hallo Heinz-Ulrich,

      /*weiter als einfacher OSM contributor was machen …*/
      Naja, das ist eigentlich die Grundlage des Ganzen ;-)


    • ChristianK
      ChristianK says:

      Hallo Jürgen,

      Die ganze Sache ist für uns alle schmerzhaft, nur führt leider kein Weg daran vorbei.
      15 Tags per Way klingt ausreichend nur werden immer mehr Attribute wie visibility, surface, access, etc.. getagged.
      Ich habe die Ways analysiert und wir sind bei vielen Rad/MTB/Wanderrouten knapp am Limit.

      Von der Renderbibliothek her ist hier kurzfristig nichts zu machen, das Feld ist als 4bit definiert und das wars.



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