The is available again from tomorrow, 6th of June in full coverage.
The reason for the issues was too high data density in zoom-level7.

In autumn a brief evalation of the included tags will take place – not only to ensure quality, reliability und performance of the OpenAndroMaps. In adition there have to be room for the Tags needed for river.- and whitewater paddling we plan to support in future.

I wish you a pleasant summer and please don’t forget that OpenAndroMaps are free and rely on your donations.

Thanks and best regards,


The is actually missing the eastern part from zoom-level 3-7

From zoom level 8 on it’s pefect asusual.

This bug started to appear on several maps with the upgrade of the mapsforge writer to version 0.5 on several maps.

Sorry for this issue, I’m working hard to resolve it.

However, this will take several days cause no one knows the reason for this bug and each rendering of this map needs about 3 days to finish.
In the meanwhile you can stay with the map rendered in May or zoom in to level 8 or switch to the

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