Soon Elevate 4 will be released, and as there are some major changes I already offered some test versions here. This last test version I make a bit more public, maybe someone can still find some issues. I mainly tested with OruxMaps 6.5+ at 320ppi and Atlas under Windows. I am happy about some feedback, especially with other apps/densities.

Major changes:

  • One size only: SVG version which scales with screen density is now default, no more different sizes.
  • All graphics are scaleable: all symbols and patterns are now displayed with scalable vector graphics and scale with screen density, instead of pixel based PNG files. For example patterns like those on private roads are now scaled and should be better visible on high density screens.
  • Routes: national and international routes have separate colors (same for hiking and cycling, blue and red, so I had to change regional cycling routes as well), hiking routes colors match now those that are used for hiking routes in some areas. General route rendering has been optimized as well.
  • Mountain Bike: separate MTB mapstyle with rendering of visibility of paths and with new rendering for mtb_scale_uphill
  • Locus: Locus version includes now Locus Edition (LE) versions for single language V3 maps and standard Elevate for multilingual V4 maps. All objects scale now much better in Locus LE.
  • Access limits: those are filtered now, a way with only private/no access is only rendered as that in hiking (or cycling) mapstyle, if this access limit is also valid for pedestrians (or cyclists). Only the city mapstyle shows general access limits.

And many more smaller additions and optimizations.


Elevate OruxMaps quick install
Elevate Locus quick install

New general maps on OpenAndroMaps

Michael Bechtold did an incredible job producing these maps. For each zoom level he used different an multiple sources ensuring best usability by providing a reasonable filesize. Best is that he aggreed to share these maps for free with our community on OpenAndroMaps.

These maps are pixelmaps in sqlite data format plus a special version for Oruxmaps. Pixelmaps are the best choice for general maps cause they load much faster at low zoom levels compared to vectormaps while vectomaps are providing much more detail at high zoom levels for a fraction of the filesize.

The pure sqlite-maps (for Locus and all APPs capable to handle sqlite) are not compressed so you don’t need additional space and time for decompressing while quick-installation on your device.

Sorry folks, the is broken, do not download it bevor weekend. I’m in hospital and can’t do anything against this problem bevor weekend. ……..

The map should be OK now


The Themeswitcher in the latest version of Oruxmaps has moved to a new location and a new menuitem have been added for fine-tuning of the themes. There are two new how-to videos available on the Quick-Installation Page

Oruxmaps 6.5 switch and fine-tune rendertheme [EN]

As announced earlier the renderthemes made and maintained by Tobias

  • Elevate (for urban areas)
  • Elements (for wider areas)

are now the default ones for the OpenAndroMaps hike and cycle vectormaps and included in the map-downloads.

The andromaps_## renderthemes are no longer maintained.
However, these themes are still provided for download and quick installation:

Andromaps hike and cycle themes
Andromaps MTB-Theme

Best regards

The Andromaps map styles won’t be updated as Christian already mentioned, and I want to add bit to that.

With the Release of OruxMaps 6.5.0 in the Google Playstore the long beta phase is finished and now the most common version supports Elevate 3. ist die lange Betaphase beendet und somit unterstützt auch die gängigste Version Elevate 3. If someone still uses Elevate 2 with the latest version of OruxMaps I can only advise to update.

Together with the adapted version for Locus the two most important apps are now running well with Elevat 3, as many others.

Therefore Elevate 2 will only get the most important updates from now on and at some point won’t be updated at all. The posibilities of Elevate 2 are pretty exhausted anyway. Elevate 2 will be kept available as well as the Andromaps map styles.

The recommended and regularly updated map style is Elevate 3. Accordingly I adjusted the map key and thinned it out a bit.

Low zoom areas are now much more usable: names for states and mountain ranges/areas are displayed, names of lakes/glaciers/woods/mountain ranges/protected for larger areas are displayed earlier and for smaller areas later (differs for city style)

Especially in wide areas like in the North, Africa, Canada, South America these improvements offer a much better overview for route planing. For these areas please use the Elements – Theme from Tobias.

For urban areas and central Europe the Elevate Theme from Tobias is probably the best choice.

Please download (or use direct install) for the latest Elevate Theme – it includes a lot of additional improvements:

It appears that, on very rare occasions, there are issues with the login to the BulletinBoard (Forum, BBpress). The login itself is working – however you cant post cause there is still the status:

You must be logged in to create new topics. (or replys)

If you experience this behaviour please reload the page (“shift”-“reload”), use Chrome or Firefox and check if there are custom settings active in the Cache-configuration of your Browser, overriding the server-headers.

IMO the server itself is sending the right (non cache) header.

Best regards, Christian

  • An old Bug in Mapsforge forced us to transform access=no to access=acc_no. This means that have to update your Themes, if you would like to have access restrictions rendered in the maps
  • There are new features in the Maps and Themes like kissing_gates and turnstiles
  • Especially for users of the New Zealand map we modified the rendering of water multipolygons (lake, riverbank, reservoir, aso). Up to now wrong tagged multipolys resulted in flooded areas along lakes and rivers. This issue occours in almost every MP in New Zealand caused by the automated LINZ import of Goverment data. As said, this should be resolved with the updated maps/themes

We strongly recommend to update the themes by using the Quick-Installation:
For Elevate/Elements Themes of Tobias:
For the andromaps_## themes:

A Theme in OS-Landranger style can be found here – (c) John Percy:

The new maps will be finally available with the updated maps of Europe and Germany on 11/12th of August.2015

We wish you a pleasant summer,
Tobias & Christian

With the new Locus version 3.9.1 the support for switchable overlays, as in other apps with mapsforge 0.5, has been added. Therefore Elevate 3.0.2 has been released to make use of this feature also in Locus. Now all symbols, but also other, until now not available, overlays can be switched on or off.

This is how it works with Locus 3.9.1:

  • install the new Elevate version
  • then select Elevate as usual with the theme switcher
  • then use the theme switcher again, select Elevate again – now an additional menu shows up in which you can select the map style (hiking, cycling or city) and the overlays

Starting with Locus 3.9.2 after selecting the theme a menu shows up that lets you choose the map style and overlays.