Germany: Now has its own download page.
I added all states as seperate files for those with small data-accounts.

Europa: Ukraine is now available in cyrillic too.

Africa, Oceania: new rendered

China: The coplete coverage is now ready for download

Japan: For the first time whole Japan is available for download.

Comming next week: Russia both in english and cyrillc

Best regards, Christian

Russia now have its own download section due to its size.
At the moment these maps are rendered in english language (as far as tagged in Openstreetmap), in the future – after completing coverage and finetunning – the maps will be available both in english and cyrillic.
Available at the moment: Caucasia, Central, Ural-South, Volga
The database of Russia is of excellent quality, thanks to the russian cummunity!

Best regards, Christian

Now made possible with the new Rendermachine:
Germany and France with complete coverage and combined Cycle/Hikeroutes

The Mapping of Germany is made in the same way as the Netherlands to ensure sufficiant loading times, the downside is that this adds some MB to the mapsize – not a big issue in times of 64GB SD-Cards
The seperated cycle/Hike maps for Germany will stay in the portfolio – maybe they will be replaced by smaler maps with the coverage of the German states.

The French map is redered with a special mapping that ensures fast loading times. If you like this mapping it is possible to use it for other big maps in the future. The France South/Mid/North maps will be discontinued with the next update.

Update of the complete European mapset:
All maps now contain the tags for additional cycle barriers:

	<osm-tag key="barrier" value="bollard" zoom-appear="16" />
	<osm-tag key="barrier" value="cycle_barrier" zoom-appear="16" />
	<osm-tag key="barrier" value="gate" zoom-appear="16" />
	<osm-tag key="barrier" value="lift_gate" zoom-appear="16" />
	<osm-tag key="barrier" value="chain" zoom-appear="16" />		

Currently these tags are not rendered in the standard Renderthemes. However, MTB-enthusiasts will manage to add these to their custom Themes.
BUT: keep in mind that in the current version of Mapsforge pois are not rendered 100% reliable, so keep two fingers at the brake levers ;-)

Best regards, Christian

The long awaited maps for Canada are now available, only Ontario and the NW-Territories + Novanut are still mising and will be added ASAP.
Now available:

  • Alberta
  • British-Columbia (complete coverage)
  • Saskatchewan
  • Vancouver
  • Manitoba
  • Quebec_North, incl. Newfoundland
  • Quebec_South, incl. Nova Scotia und New Brunswick
  • Yukon

If there are Problems with these maps please drop me a line with a permalink of the region in question – the datastructure of the millions of lakes in some areas are most complicted (Monster relations with thousands of members) and may lead to problems with mapsforge.

On the way completing Asia three new maps were added:
– Mongolia
– China-West
– Kasakhstan
Rendering of these maps became possible with the new Rendermachine.
The apperence of Desert-areas now is improved in lower zoom levels, trunks and primary highways now appear at lower zoom levels.

The new rendemachine is up and running, all problems that occured during the upgrade are identified and solved.
So most of the European maps are updated, the renderthemes now render the names of big citys more reliable so the overview in low zoom-levels is improved. These themes are available for download and will be included in the map-zips with the next update.

I’m looking forward to offer a new, more complete, mapset for Canada in the oncomming weeks and an update of whole America – both north and south.

More than 50% of the costs of the new rendermachine were covered by – YOU – so I want to say thanks, and please support this project further on to keep it up.

Best regards, Christian is going to be the 2.nd download source for openandromaps. It will last a few days (nights) to adapt my scripts because the download links change with every update – its impossible to maintain this by hand.
Concerning the bandwidth limit at I received the following Mail from support:
(translated to english)

Hi Christian,

The bandwidth limit is based on Clinet-IP and not on the account owner and is only valid when we experience shortages in our infrastructure. Its very unlikely that any downloader will ever run into this limits if he dont download several Gigabytes per hour.
The only problem could be coused by old browsers – Safari 5, IE9 und Firefox without our extensions have to work over flash-bridge.

I, by myself use Firefox with the Mega extension and Chrome without problems.

Download from starts now !

The red download-button points to files on Mega, the green to GDrive. The QR-Code still points to GDrive.
Actually available from Mega: Europe and Oceania – I’m waiting for your feedback bevore I upload more kontinents to Mega
Again: Please use Chrome with Mega

Best regards

The demand for openandromaps has reached a level where Google Drive is on its limits (Limits that should not exist..). If you experience problems while download please check back half an hour later and avoid Saturday and Sunday evening.
Next weekend a 2nd download location will be available for testing, probably

Best regards, Christian

The maps of Japan are finally available, still without landuse=wood cause of the huge multipolygons Japanese mappers are prefering.
Once the new Rendermachine is in operation this issue will be – hopefully – solved too.
The maps are loading fast an reliable, and contain all features you know from the other maps of OpenStreetMap / OpenAndroMaps.

Procced to download: Japan maps at download/Asia

Best regards, Christian

The same technics I used to fix the map of the Netherlands now made it possible to release a combined cycle/hike map for Great Britain, enjoy !
Now available for download + most of the other European maps updated.