Dear OAM-Community,

During the last weeks the pageviews increased by 100% so Openandromaps is forced to move to a faster and more expensive server (again) within the same hoster.

During the move there may occour some short downtimes – sorry for any inconvinience…

Best regards,

Dear Openandromaps-Community,

Unfortunately the switch to the new, responsive Website was not that big success.

The Theme I used finally proved to be:

a.) expensive
b.) of beautifull design
c.) responsive
d.) useless under heavy load
e.) despite the fantastic page speed index slower than the old, free Athahualpa Theme
f.) designed far away from all WordPress standards so nothing really worked (even the download-links were unreliable under load)

OK, 3 weekends wasted – shit happens.. ;-)

Anyway, as more and more user access this website using mobile devices I will processd changing this website to a responsive, mobile layout, BUT with a slim, fast Theme.

Please clear your Browser cache and sorry for any inconvenience,

Best bregards,


The Openandromaps website is under attack, today at 14:10h MEZ the was requested 306 times within 2 minutes from the same IP – probably the same person who attacked the site during the last 3 weeks but from different provider.

Well, this is anoying for everyone and there is virtualy nothing I can do against this in the moment.
This is a fight against windmills – I lock one IP – next attack comes from a different IP.

Seems that someone is busy to take this website from the net…

Best regards,


A single Host coused 16 Terrabyte traffic (>50000 Maps downloaded) in the last 3 weeks.
So I had to lock (

Please check your downloadtools and prevent them from running into a loop.
My sponsor for the bandwidth is most generous, however even that has some limits and bombing this site is the best way to take it off the net.

Best regards,

Openandromaps was down from 12.12.2013, 10:00h to 13.12.2013, 11:15h.

The reason: someone/somewhat has replaced the php.ini to a standard one.
A site like Openandromaps is not able to run with a standard server setup.

Anyway: The is in operation and will stay so.
The last weeks saw numerous improvements with the maps thanks to my Co-Author Tobias

One last statement:
The costs of this project are about 2000-2500€ per year, depending of the neccessary hardware replacements.
The donations currently sum up to about 100€ PER MONTH.
The download loggs count 500-1500 maps PER DAY.

I kindly ask you to support this project and keep it free – thanks a lot!

Best regards, Christian

Its time for a summer break, I’m on tour with MTB and Kajak in the beautifull forrest+lake district in the north of Austria near the border of Czech republic. Unfortunately the 3G-Net is weak in this area ;-)
Begining from September on I will update the whole Mapset.

The current update is made with a new set of coastlines – I tried my best to correct errors.
However, if you experience flooded areas please report them – Thanks.

The support will be very basic in the next 3 weeks, if Im sitting at the notebook all the time even during vacance my wife will kill me slowly….

Best regards, Christian


Two weeks ago I moved this website from a shared account to a VirtualPrivateServer wit 8GB Ram and 2Vcores.
In addition I moved the critical parts like js, css and pictures to ContentDeliveryNetwork.
This eliminates the need of questionable and sometimes inkompatible tricks like Browser caching, minifying aso..

Advantage: Usualy the pages are now delivered in less than 2sec to all kinds of browsers
Downside: Costs 378.–€/Year

Anyway, I don’t like to stop half the way – so enjoy it.

Best regards, Christian


Russia and Canada maps are updated as announced last weekend.

Website issues:
I’m working hard to find a faster webserver for the openandromaps. However, comfortable solutions are starting at about 100$, cheap one occupy far to much of my time resources to maintain, resources that I want to invest in improving the maps and not in constant maintaince.
The current cache-solution I used so far (W3TC) worked lightning-fast or completely failed depending on Browser, Browser version and appearently on weather conditions – so I disabled and deleted it.
The loading time now increased (of course), BUT the pages ARE loading no matter what browser you use. In worst case it takes 7-8 seconds for a page to load. Google will punish me in ranking. However, it’s YOU this site is made for and not Google ;-)

So again, I will find a solution (maybe with YOU as sponsor ;-) ) for hosting.

Best regards

The switch to the new download-server is done, please flush your browsercache and reconfigure your grabbing scripts.
I would kindly ask you to check the configuration of your favorite grabbing tool to ensure that they dont run in a loop and download the same map again and again ;-)
The maps on GoogleDrive will stay online, but I wont update them any more – the Maps on will be deleted next week.

Best regards, Christian

Openandromaps are currently being switched step by step to a non-commercial, professional Download-Server.

The maps will be served from the same server that hosts the “Geofabrik” – thanks to everyone who supported this move.
This step was a crucial point for the whole project couse it was clear to see that GoogleDrive would stop this sooner or later, there were already problems this March.
Currently more than 200 Maps are served from openandromaps, this means 70GB of disc-space and lots of Terrabytes of traffic every month – a volume that is not possible to serve with a commercial server with no budget.

The move starts with Germany and Europe and should be finished next weekend. If there are any problems please drop me a line.

Best regards, christian

BTW: Currently the maps are synced by ftp with the server – a clear nonsense currently accepted by the server-admin.
However, next weeks should see a Synology-NAS-System for syncing by rsync – this will cost another 350Euros, I hope you will support this project by some bucks (a few are better than none) ;-)