Soon Elevate 4 will be released, and as there are some major changes I already offered some test versions here. This last test version I make a bit more public, maybe someone can still find some issues. I mainly tested with OruxMaps 6.5+ at 320ppi and Atlas under Windows. I am happy about some feedback, especially with other apps/densities.

Major changes:

  • One size only: SVG version which scales with screen density is now default, no more different sizes.
  • All graphics are scaleable: all symbols and patterns are now displayed with scalable vector graphics and scale with screen density, instead of pixel based PNG files. For example patterns like those on private roads are now scaled and should be better visible on high density screens.
  • Routes: national and international routes have separate colors (same for hiking and cycling, blue and red, so I had to change regional cycling routes as well), hiking routes colors match now those that are used for hiking routes in some areas. General route rendering has been optimized as well.
  • Mountain Bike: separate MTB mapstyle with rendering of visibility of paths and with new rendering for mtb_scale_uphill
  • Locus: Locus version includes now Locus Edition (LE) versions for single language V3 maps and standard Elevate for multilingual V4 maps. All objects scale now much better in Locus LE.
  • Access limits: those are filtered now, a way with only private/no access is only rendered as that in hiking (or cycling) mapstyle, if this access limit is also valid for pedestrians (or cyclists). Only the city mapstyle shows general access limits.

And many more smaller additions and optimizations.


Elevate OruxMaps quick install
Elevate Locus quick install

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