Major update/upgrade Jannuary 2014


(All new features valid for maps from 11.Jannuary 2014)

Dear OAM-Community,

Tobias and I have checked the whole Tag-mapping of OpenAndroMaps during December 2013.
We have resolved bugs and inconsistency, added missing Buildings + Accomodations + Shops + Churches(Konfessions) + Borders + Different kinds of alpine_huts and shelters + visibility of ways/paths.
We too checked and integrated many of your feature request.

The most important new features relate to alpine hiking/areas:
The alpine_huts are now rendered according to their attributes:

  • Public access
  • Private/no access
  • With winterroom
  • usual alpine-hut

Same for Shelters:

  • picnic_shelter (no sidewalls, area with seats and table)
  • rock_shelter (usualy a cave)
  • basic_hut (closed hut without food, container, ..)
  • weather_shelter|lean_to (usualy basic hut with 3 sidewalls)

added: wildernes_huts
No longer included: shelters for public transport

A most importand feature is the visibility of ways/paths:
Whats this?: The Tag in the OpenStreetMap Database is “track_visibility” and tells us how serious the navigation is from perfect waymarked to not waymarked / path not visible.
Perfect waymarked trails are rendered as continous lines to dashed lines for not visble in 3 steps (supported by themes “Elevate + andromaps_hc”)


  • Hiking/Alpin: “ELEVATE” composed by Tobias:
    Supports all new features for both Oruxmaps and Locus.
    The rendering of Hikingroutes is much improved (inspired by Maki).
    Renders too most advanced Features like rungs, ladders, steelropes on alpine paths.
    THE standard theme for serious mountaineering!
  • Cycling (Andromaps_hc):
    This theme is completly reworked and based on the “Elevate”-framework from Tobias.
    The rendering is improved for cyclist riding along popular cycleways – just follow the dotted lines on your display over thousands of kilometers.
    Big Icons for Toilets, Waterpoints, CycleRepair.
    Perfect with your Smartphone mounted on the handlebar even in bright sunshine.
  • Mountainbike (andromaps_mtb):
    This theme, dedicated for MTB-enthusiasts isnt rerworked yet, however its full functional with the new maps.
  • More themes:
    “Elegant” : Light-Version of the Elevate for city touring / sightseeing (included in the download-zip of the Elevate)
    “Andromaps_pure” : The old Version of Andromaps_hc for user who want stay with this theme

Generic Themes for standard Mapsforge V3.0.0 Apps using the internal iconset:
For Programmers and Experts !

Even more Themes:
There are numerous Themes for Openandromaps at the Locus-Forum eg. from user “JUSC”, themes with the Look and Feel of the british OS-Maps aso….

For Orux there are sevaral Themes at the Oruxmaps Forum eg. the simply_hike

Changes for mapborders (from map-date 11.Jannuary 2014):

  • USA/Alaska: up to WEST179,999
  • Russia/FarEastSouth_2: up to East179,999 – if you want to walk on the most outer Aleuten ;-)

Still TODO: The website is outdated in some parts, esp. the manual and the video tutorials – this will be done in the next weeks.

Best Regards
Christian & Tobias

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