For Quick-install of big sized maps you need enough free space on the internal sd-card of you device otherwise the installation will fail. recommended: free space needed = size of map x 2

Openandromaps now supports Locus Quick-Install

The installation of the OpenAndroMaps with Locus is really simple on Android MobilePhones and Tabletts.
There is no more need of a PC, all tasks are done right on the Android device and highly automated.


  1. Install Locus from GooglePlay
  2. Start and end Locus before you go to your browser
  3. Open in Android browser
    (The latest version of Firefox and Chrome are working too)
  4. Navigate to your favorite map-download page
  5. Click on the “+” – symbol left of the mapname you want to download
  6. the mapinfo view is expanded and a button “Install on Locus” appears > click it (and keep in mind the download size)
  7. […now the map is downloaded and installed in the right folder..]
  8. Download a Themepack (have to be done only once in the beginning)
  9. chose the map
  10. choose the theme you want to have (this is essential – if you dont know what theme choose the andromaps_hc)

Afterwards you can download additional themes by clicking the “Install” button in the approbriate sections of

Her you can see the whole procedure in a small clip (still in German – sorry):
!Attention!, there is a new version of LocusMap out with a slightly different themeswitcher – a blue button on the lower left side of the map screen.

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