The maps theme Elevate 2.0 has been released today with some important changes. Support for high density displays and rendering of cycling routes are included now. The basis for the new sizes are completely reworked and unified symbols which are now used in the standard version, too.

There are three sizes: Elevate for ~160-240dpi, Elevate L for ~320 dpi and Elevate XL for ~450dpi.

Elevate - Elevate L - Elevate XL

Those are available in three variations: Elegant as a light version for cities, Elevate with hiking routes and thick footways and paths on which difficulty and visibility are shown, and Elevelo with cycling routes and ways.

Elegant - Elevate - Elevelo

Thanks a lot for all feedback on the test versions, and especially to Dsvilko for his size changing script which made this a lot easier!

All changes here. The map key has been revised as well, you can find it and the downloads as usual under Legend/Elevate.

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