Dear OAM-Community,

As announced three weeks ago there is a new generation of Maps for Android available.
Doe to a new much improved and more flexible prozess of rendering and a better information flow to Tobias wo developed a new subset of his “Elevate” theme we now present better maps for wide, open Countys like Alaska, Iceland, Chile, Argentina, Africa, Oceania…


What’s new:

  • Contourlines now appear at zoom-level 8 providing an overview ways better than bevore
  • Pois for accomodation, water, fords and various other are included at lower zoom-levels

The result (if you use the approbriate themes) is a most improved overview at low zoom levels, the contourlines apply a kind of contour shading from level 8 on.


New, improved Themes:

To get most out of the new maps I strongly recommend to use the Themes from Tobias
These Themes now include

  • Elevate (Mountain hiking)
  • Elegant (Sightseeing in urban areas)
  • Elevelo (Cycle tours)
  • AND NOW: Elements (special made for the new maps, best usage in wide open countrys)


So, how to handle all this:

As an Example: For the outback in Australia use the “Elements” theme – comming to the east coast with their big citys where the Elements provides too much information switch (eg) to the “Elegant”.
Or in Egypt use the “Elements” in the desert and switch to the “Elegant” at Cairo.

Here some Screenshots of the new maps:



There is lots of room for improving the appearence of the new maps during sommer – a slow, steady task we will perform.


Last but not least I want to say thanks for your support an your donations – please keep this project alive, maybe there are some bucks left bevore departing to summer vacation.


We wish you a nice and pleasant summer,
Tobias and Christian


BTW: From now on available with the new mapping: Alaska, Yellowstone_NP, Iceland, Oceania, parts of Asia, Africa, Chile, Argentinia, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia
Comming soon: British-Columbia, Yukon, remote parts of Russia

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