outdoor maps for android on new site


To offer even better support openandromaps.org moved to a wordpress site. This means that support requests and solutions are now to be seen for everyone here on this site.

The openandromaps vector maps for Android are now the most advanced out here, a lot of improvements were made compared to the 1st generation of the cycle and hike maps for Mapsforge.

Now they are suitable for wide range of outdoor activitys, first Generation included:

– cycle routes (international, national, regional und local)

Now the 3rd Generation include:

  • contourlines
  • cycle and hiking routes  now respecting and resolving local tagging
  • enhanced contourlines, thanks to Jonathan de Ferranti (www.viewfinderpanoramas.org)
  • hiking routes
  • sea tiles (reliable rendering sea in blue)
  • sac_scale
  • mtb:scale + mtb:scale:uphill
  • power lines (for better navigation in open field)
  • …and lots of other improvements

This release of the andromaps is based on the Openstreetmap Database, to made it suitable for Mapsforge meant hundreds of hours work, constant improvement, working around minor and mayor bugs und – of couse your feedback.

The cycle and hikemaps for Android cover now Europe, the USA (currently without Alaska), some parts of Canadas,  South America, Oceania, parts of Asia, Nepal, Tibet, Afrika, and popular destinations round the globe.

I want to say thanks to thousands of mappers working for the OSM Database, the Mapsforge team, Jonathan de Ferranti for his incredible afforts to serve reliable elevation data to the community for free and Jürgen “Jusc” for his work on the renderthemes.
Happy cycling, hiking, mountaineering, padling, and all things that make fun outdoors ;-)

Christian Kernbeis