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    Miguel Curto


    so I managed to start “changing” some themes, its really hard but I got some pointers from Osmarender Rules page (link to someone who just got were looking for the same thing )

    I think I’ll be able to do what I want but I got a few questions if you guys dont mind, I know some of it is behind the scope of this forum but since you’re so helpfull earlier :)

    Is there any way of marking dangerous spots like TTF (Technical Trail Features) or simply a potentially dangerous location that people should pay attention? I’ve searched the OSM wiki and the only this I found was a proposal for a “hazard” tag.
    Or is there another way?And if so would it be represented in Elevate?

    I think it must be used something somewhere as one online map (from OSM data) has a reference for it (although its spelled wrongly):

    Tks for all the help

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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