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    Xiaomi phone with Android 11, dark theme. The latest Locus Map Pro 3.54.3.
    Also the latest version of Elevate themes and Map of Russia central.
    The problem is, every time I switch the full screen to almost any menu (app options, poi info etc) some big areas of the map start flickering from black to white.
    I’ve tried to use Locus 4 free with the same set and the result is also has same effect.
    The full reset of Locus has no effect on the map behavior.
    I really can’t understand if the problem is in my phone (I’ve reset it fully recently) , in OAMap or somewhere else?
    Here’s the link to .mp4 screen record from my smartphone on Google disk:


    Hi Sersus,

    I’v tried to reproduce this behaviour on my Android10 device but with no success.
    Sorry, no idea whats happening on your device.

    Best regards


    I’ve been in the process of changing my previous broken Xiaomi device with a new one. And now i can confirm that the reason for flickering is the strange relationship of Xiaomi miui12 and Locus based on the system Dark mode. I’ve just needed to turn it off in phone settings for a certain application (Locus) and the displaying became ok!
    Sorry for bothering, it was my devices bad.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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