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    I live in a mountainous area where there are almost no routes, and forest roads are always “surface = unpaved“. Some information about the state of the road can be suggested by an accurately filled tracktype.

    But “tracktype + smoothness” can provide a much more integral characteristic.
    Tracktype + surface” gives a lower quality characteristic in our area. Moreover, it changes during the passage of “grass-> ground-> mud-> grass” too often and remains averaged or not filled at all by mappers, because there is no point in it. A more general and precise idea is given by the filled “smoothness“.

    This fall, I took care of accurately specifying in the OSM the characteristics of the paths in my area, along which campers ride a bicycle. Prepared a theme where different “tracktype” is visible with different dotted lines, and the color was supposed to indicate “smoothness“.

    But I saw that in OAM for roads there are only “tracktype” and “surface” and “smoothness” is absent in tag-mapping.

    Is it possible to include a “smoothness” tag for hw = track, service, unclassified in future maps?

    this shouldn’t make the map size too heavy …


    Hi Igor,

    There is a limit for 15 tags on ways in Mapsforge.
    Mapsforge writer stops/crashes if this limit is exeeded.
    With the current tag-mapping we are on the limit – in Bavaria sometimes above the limit and have to filter and further remove tags.
    Its impossible to add additional tags on tracks – sorry

    Best regards

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    Hi Christian, I lost track of the discussion with Emux – is there a chace they spent a few more bits for the tag coding? Without blowing up the size of the resulting maps …


    There are no plans (or resources) to rewrite the Mapsforge format,
    which would be incompatible with the past.

    Separate categorized maps with fewer tags could be a solution.

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