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    At present banks are only rendered if they are mapped as nodes. This misses out buildings which have been mapped and marked as amenity=bank. Could you please include these in the next version?
    It might also be worth considering including atm=atm_no transformed from atm=no (the default is to assume atm=yes) in such cases, though I admit I’ve not looked at the frequency of occurrence.


    Hi John,

    amenity=bank as way

    Was a bug, Done

    including atm=atm_no transformed from atm=no

    Actually we don’t have the “ATM” key at all.
    Atm’s are rendered as amenity=atm (Node)
    I would tagtransform atm=yes to amenity=atm (both node/way)
    OK @John @Tobias ?

    ATM=NO – I don’t see any value for the maps with this tag (my opinion..)

    Best regards

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    Thanks for the amenity=bank for ways.
    The atm tag is more complicated. For banks with no ATM facility, it is suggested in the wiki that they are tagged atm=no. The usefulness would be that that indicates no automated cash withdrawal available, often out of hours. atm=yes may be otherwise presumed for banks. In other words atm=yes is not recommended tagging for banks, only atm=no, if it applies
    On that basis, you don’t want to transform atm=yes to amenity=atm as (a) it won’t catch many instances (b) it will miss the important, negative, ones. The only way I could see it being of use is with a tag ATM=atm_no.
    But it’s just a thought.

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