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    I am having a couple of difficulties with rendering educational establishments
    1. [Ways] Although amenity=college is mapped in its own right, it is also mapped as equivalent to amenity=school. This means I cannot readily test for amenity=college (such amenities match also on amenity=school). I think this must be unintentional. In any case, in my mind, college is different from school, and probably closer to university.
    2. [Ways] The reorganisation of building tags has the result that I can no longer distinguish buildings with different levels of education. School, college, kindergarten and gymnasium are all treated as equivalent. I can however test on amenity (subject to the point above) so that is not a show stopper.
    3. [Nodes] amenity=college is treated as equivalent to amenity=school. I don’t find that helpful. If anything, I think college and university should be treated as equivalent.
    I hope this makes sense!


    Hi John,

    The multiple definition of college both seperate and EQ is a bug.
    I cleared this, added amenity=college as seperate tag both node/way


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