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    I’m looking into making my own map based on some government opendata. I would like to make it compatible with your themes.
    Some data I am looking at is here.
    It even includes contours, although I am not sure they have the height of the contour as a separate attribute. It might only be in the geometry itself.

    Generally I understand that you:
    Step One:
    Create an OSM file (binary or XML) from shapefiles using one of a variety of tools.
    This place describes some.
    Pretty much all of them would require creating a mapping that maps the layers in the shape files. An xml or txt file. This requires knowledge of the layers in the shape files (which I can find) and how their attributes map to standard ones in OSM (which I am less familiar with).

    Step Two:
    Use Osmosis and the mapsforge plugin to create a .map file from the OSM file.
    I would want to do so using the either tag-mapping or tag-transform (which?) from here to be compatible with your themes.

    I am an OSM newbie, and certainly not a GIS person, and haven’t been able to hire someone yet who knows this better.
    At this point, I want to get an idea of whether I have the right concept of it, and whether it would take days, weeks, or months to do this right.
    I also don’t know if OSM already contains this data, or perhaps better data, or how I would find out. I certainly could be duplicating effort.


    TagTransform plugin is used in order to apply tag transforms as a preprocessing step before using other tools.
    e.g. transform the shp file attributes into OSM compatible ones

    tag-mapping.xml is then used from Mapsforge map-writer plugin in order to define what vector data are to be inserted in the map file.
    You can find more about this in our Mapsforge wiki pages:



    Hi Nathan,

    Sorry I cant help you with .shp files – I use these files only for land/sea rendering, for all other data I use plain OSM-Database.
    Its hard enough to ensure that mapsforge writer is feed by clean data even from plain OSM.

    Creating maps from OSM-Data is not THAT big adventure.
    The adventure beginns if you want to render route-relations couse mapsforge cant resolve these – you have to inherit the route attributes from the relations to their members by scripting = you have to rewrite the whole OSM-Database and this can’t be done by TagTransform.

    – cut out the map coverage with osmisis (eg.)
    – apply tagtransform rules
    – create contourlines (phyghtmap)
    – merge OSM+contourlines (osmosis)
    – render the map

    Using the OAM tagmapping

    and tagtransform

    would save you weeks of working round bugs.

    Thats it
    As I said before: Resolving route-relations is something complete different

    …. Or you point your the customers of your Backcounty Navigator to OpenAndroMaps

    Best regards, Christian

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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