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    When I first came to the Openandromaps website I thought that I was in the wrong place as I am using iOS not Android. Maybe the opening page should welcome iOS users?
    I don’t think that renderthemes (stipulated on the downloads page) work for iOS at least not by direct download? In the iOS app I am using they are called Styles and the one I liked most was Tiramisu 2.0 from Mapsforge.
    I am using the VectorialMap Lite app for Openandromaps as it seemed to work best out of the apps I tried but I note that at present in VectorialMap Lite you have to go to the Openandromaps website in a browser, download the map you want and unzip it before opening in VectorialMap Lite. I think that this is probably the fault of the developer rather than Openandromaps. (To add tracking ability costs £3.99 but you can explore the maps for free.)
    So, my suggestion is to make it more obvious that Openandromaps work with iOS apps and maybe tell/help the developer of VectorialMap to make it easier to download them (though presumably without missing the donations page)
    Regards, Pat.
    P.S. Great maps! Thanks to all who work on them!


    Hi Pat,

    maybe we don’t encourage iOS (or Windows or whatever) as we don’t have other smartphone OS than Android ourselves, so we can’t support it. At least it says on the start page: “OpenAndroMaps offers downloadable vector maps for smartphones for free.”, so maybe Christian should change “Hike’n Bike Maps for Android” as well.

    We don’t want to offer in-app-downloads, as those avoid the originating source, this website. But for easier download/installation, direct app actions for Android apps are offered. I don’t have a clue if anything like that exists for iOS apps.

    Best regards,

    Developer of Elevate mapstyle


    The Vectorial maps app I mentioned earlier has been replaced by Cartograph Maps 2.
    The iOS version gives simple in-app downloading of maps and Styles/Renderthemes and has a lot of improved features.
    I think that it’s available for a variety of platforms.
    There is a free “Lite” version.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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