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    Whilst working on updating my themes for v5 tags and checking different maps I spotted an issue aroind Barry Island, Wales UK that is not there on the v4 OAM, see attached two screenshots using Voluntary theme – in v5 various grass and industrial areas are partially covered by water, leaving buildings floating in the water. This is not in the OSM data:

    COORDS: N 51° 23′ 56.1”, W 003° 15′ 58.6”

    Map date is 06.01.2022

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    Thanks for bringing this issue to my attention.
    Sea/Land is rendered from different Dataset and is generally a Problem with incorrect mapping and not so reliable tools for rendering. Thats the reason why I change this dataset only twice a year.

    I will take a look at this issue.

    Best regards


    In december a novice mapper has added water=dock to an open line in the harbour – causing the flooded area.
    I hope I cought everything.

    BUT: The whole area is questionable.
    The coastline inludes the basins – thats wrong tagging.
    The rocks on the beach do not exist.
    The beach is overlapped in parts by waterline
    aso, etc

    Please take a brief look at this area and correct the data.

    Again I have to say that mapnik=the renderer for the online OSM-Map is ways too forgiving on these horrible mapping errors.

    The new GB-Map is already rendered so changes will be seen in the 2022-03 map update – as long as the mapper does not insist in his wrong tagging an revert my changes.

    Best regards

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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