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    I’m just wondering how often the maps are updated. Waiting for USA maps since July 7th while all other locations have been updated already. Lots of new data in my area that needs to be on the map.



    Hi Mike,

    European maps are updated every month.
    Rest of the world – 4-5 times a year.

    A more frequent update shedule is not possible due to limited hardware and bandwidth.
    Thats a free project, this means that we have to earn a living besides AndroMaps ;-)
    .. so our personal resources are limited too.

    If you have mapped lot of things in your area – just tell me the state you want to have rendered and I do this appart from the shedule.

    Best regards


    Hi Christian,

    Is there a specific day of the month when the OSM data is taken to create the monthly european OpenAndroMaps?

    Having just started to get into contributing to the OSM content, I am keen to know if there is a specific cut-off date in the month for my updated to be made by and also is there delay/different date when I then download the updated OpenAndroMap with my contributions included…

    best regards,


    If you look on the details on the map download page, it gives the release date of the map and (once you have expanded the “+”) the date of the OSM data it is based on.



    Well, I had considered the release dates you highlighted, and probably should have waited until 3rd March before asking… I’m just so excited to get all the local OSM edits I’ve been making recently into LocusMap… I found this post from Christian stating monthly releases and I started to wonder if they are released on a fixed date or a fixed interval or… anyway, I will get back to finishing the updates to the OS map theme while I try to wait patiently.


    In addition:

    – I wait till all Maps of one Region are ready.
    – then maps are uploaded to a storrage box via ftp
    – The GWDG Server admin picks up new maps 5:00-8.00h MEZ in the morning
    – I update the webpages

    So there is a delay of at least 24h from rendering maps to beeing available, its inevitable.

    This time, when multiple maps are crashing (Hello, stupid, damn, unreliable Windows10 filehandling) I have take a look why and resolve the problem (plus rerender maps) prior to publishing.

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