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    I am possibly not familiar enough with the framework so forgive me for asking:
    What is <osm-tag key=”hknetwork” …>? Where does it come? It’s not a valid OSM tag (according to taginfo), it’s not present in tag-transform, I found no references to such tag.

    What I try to achieve is actually to have hiking routes in Locus, which basically means I have to handle relations tagged:

    • type=route
    • route=hiking / foot
    • network=iwn/nwn/…
    • osmc:symbol=*
    • ref=*
    • colour=#aabbcc
    • name=*

    As far as I see I could be able to tag-transform and tag-map these but I’m not sure it’s not already done and I hate to repeat already existing work. I try to understand how it’s done for andromaps, or understand if that’s completely different from what you have.



    The hknetwork tags are derived from the route relations.

    In short: Mapsforge cant resolve route relations so I wrote Perl Programms that walk through the whole OSM-Database and inherit the tags of the relations to the ways.
    This means eg. for Germany more than 1.000.000 ways have to be completely retagged bevore they are fed into the mapsforge writer.
    Same for cycle routes.

    These perl scripts are not released to the community.
    There are only two sources for mapforge maps with resolved relations:
    – OpenAndroMaps
    – Locus in App Store maps

    The documentation here is only for theme composers _not_ for map-makers.
    The toolchain for rendering those maps is a heavy complex one, even the environment of the rendermachine have to be carefullly adopted. eg there are two different installations of phyton required to render contourlines and sea-tiles.

    Best regards, Christian


    So you only copy network=* from relations into ways as hknetwork=*?
    I’ll create the script (looks simple enough) but prefer to stay compatible with your schema. (Possibly not very much since I need osmc:symbols much more than network info, especially colors, but I probably simply move over all relation tags onto member roads, but still it’s a plus if it would work with andromaps rendering themes, more or less.)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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