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    Elevate theme is rendering landuse=meadow and natural=grassland from zoom level 13 ownwards but others land uses (heath, scrub, …) only appear at zoom level 14. Is there a particular reason for this? Personally I would prefer to have all land uses (except forest) appearing at the same zoom level.



    Is there a particular reason for this?

    Elevate is designed for mountain usage in particular, and other landcover areas like scree, rock, scrub, fell, heath etc. are sometimes really small and detailed. Thats why only the larger areas like forest and meadow are rendered earlier, and smaller ones later, as the areas turn out to be small and not very discriminable. But those patterns are also designed with a bright background, close in tonality to the light grey areas in lower zooms. So the light grey is a place holder, and marks the rougher, less vegetated areas in lower zooms, especially above the tree line.

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    Understood, thank you Tobias.

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