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    As an enthusiastic user of the OpenAndroMaps and Elevate4 theme, I found myself often struggling with battery consumption at the end of long day hikes (20 to 30km).
    Android puts 95% of battery consumption of my (~5 years old) Galaxy S7 to a combination of radio, screen and GPS. Putting the phone in airplane mode saves 30% to 40% (hiking in low reception areas means more transmit power), at the expense of connectivity and emergency SMS.
    Using external GPS and Bluetooth did not provide significant saving, and my S7 GPS seems superior.
    Putting the screen in low res (versus 2560×1440 high res) saves 50% power, but at the expense of the extra detail/coverage of the (beautiful) OpenAndroMaps/themes.
    The extra challenge with (AM)OLED is the non-linearity between brightness and color component value. Practically this means that lighter colors require exponentially more power than darker ones (see xda-developers)
    On a hot day (which means more walking in the shade), I measure about a 15% saving in battery use with the modified theme.
    Of course, there are other alternatives, like an external battery pack and a new phone (my preferred alternative, but unfortunately my spouse did not fall into that trap…).
    Some screenshots: screenshot1 and screenshot2
    There are 2 variations of the modified theme: Elevate4E.xml is for use with phones (tested with Orux) and Elevate4E_XL/Elevate4E_GL is for use with desktop applications (e.g. with 2K/4K screens) (tested with Cruiser (GL and non-GL mode) and MOBAC).
    You can find the modified theme files here. Posted version is based on latest v4.4.1.
    There is also a map legend, the PDF version included in the zip file above, the ODT source here.
    Almost all of the credit of course goes to Tobias for his excellent maps and Elevate themes.
    Just a chance for me to contribute something back (next to donation of course)…

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