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    I just completed a bike tour that crossed the boundary of 2 different maps, North Carolina and Virginia. Orux was set to auto load maps when scrolling out of available range. On day 2 when I crossed out of NC into VA the map never loaded. At our next stop I manually went in and tried the “always” option and the VA map loaded… but zoomed ALL the way in instead of the at the same scale!

    On day 3 everything seemed to load properly when going back into NC from VA. I don’t know if this was because both maps were already loaded or Orux was working as intended.

    The thing that makes me wonder if this is a maps issue is that NC map seems to overlap into VA for a few miles. I couldn’t see if the VA map overlaps into NC. Is this as intended or could the overlap(s) be interfering and confusing Orux into not auto-loading maps properly?



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