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    Hello, fellow walkers, runners, bikers, hikers and mountaineers!

    While searching for the best map and theme source I’ve found two great projects:
    1. OpenAndroMaps is already a huge one, with well tuned maps and many themes (Thank You!).
    Unfortunately in my opinion, none of them was easy to read and/or detailed enough.
    2. Freizeitkarte on the other hand isn’t that widespread, but is an impressive project (Thank You!).
    It is far more detailed and has really good themes.
    The only major flaw was that the theme details appear too late when zooming.

    I wasn’t brave enough to tune the zoom level for every detail,
    but tried adding the useful landscape details to the feature rich Elements theme for OAM.
    Most of the textures are directly borrowed or heavily inspired of FZK.
    The documents and key file are slightly tuned accordingly.
    I am providing the result if anyone finds it useful.
    I don’t have the time and talent to support and develop the new theme.
    If someone decides to adopt it, I will be very happy!
    Until then I hope You enjoy it.

    Happy journeying everyone!

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    Thanks for the theme.

    it seems to be OK – checked with ESET-Scanner

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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