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    Hi guys, can anyone please explain to me why there is significant difference in rendering in this spot:
    To the right there is a simple ‘area of pedestrian’ –> that is rendered as a filled area: fine.
    To the left there is a multi polygon of pedestrian –> that is rendered as highways on its edges and not as filled area.
    Why this difference?
    When zooming in on the polygon then it looks quite crowded and, euh, bad. Especially when there is a pedestrian highway added in the middle: then you see like 3 ‘roads’ being drawn side by side.
    I am confused, because there are other places where multipolygon nicely render like filled areas. Like:
    Thanks for any assistance!


    I’m sorry, but I can’t see any real problems with the data. Mapsforge is sometimes picky when multipolygons are not quite by the book, but this should work. Maybe it’s the small narrow part where the two inner parts are connected (this is strange anyway), try removing this and make two inner parts. It might be that in the map creation process this is simplified and then not correct anymore.

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    OK, I looked into this particular issue that I brought up myself:
    I loaded the latest Netherlands Map of November:
    Now the rendering issue in that version of the vector map is gone.
    I compare to my own screenshot that I took with the same phone with Locus Pro.
    So something has changed / improved. Let’s call this ‘case closed’: thanks!

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