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    Hi Christian! I presented the following issue to Tobias, but it seems that the question is very specific.

    I am trying to get render networks such as ncn, rcn and lcn which are mtb routes in their appropriate colors and not just in orange (for the Elevate theme). Please correct me if I am wrong but this issue is in fact due to the tag transform? The OSM mtb tag is route=mtb and not network=mtb, so in theory we could use route=mtb & network=ncn together. Right?

    Thanks in advance!



    Relations in OAM are resolved and transformed to network for cycle routes and hknetwork for hiking routes.
    Thats couse the osm route-tags are not respected in all countrys and there are a lot of tags from beginning of OSM when relations were not common and route information was stored right in the ways.
    There are a lot of country specific tags for routes in GB, CZ, Hungary, CH so I decided to unify this stuff to the “network” tags. The idea is to have ONE line in the rendertheme for a complete group of sometimes propritary tags – this makes things easier for the rendertheme and speeds up rendering on the phone.

    Unfortunately I have to set prioritys when a way is member of more than one relation.
    The order is icn,ncn,rcn,lcn,mtb.

    Best regards, Christian



    Hi Christian! Thanks for your clarifications! Have a great week!

    Changing the priority is a good idea! Do you really plan to do it in the next updates?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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