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    Just to be clear this is the newly released Locus v4 and NOT the v4 maps. Locus is significantly changing their ecosystem to a subscription model and stopping future development/enhancements on the existing Locus Maps version 3.5 platform.What are the plans (if any) to support this new platform with maps and render themes?



    Hi Steve,

    The OAM Maps and even the Quick_Install of maps and themes is 100% compatible with Locus4
    There is an issue with automatic map loading in Locus4 where LoMaps are loaded even when a OAM_Map is present = switch off auromatic loading of maps.
    We will keep up compatibility with Locus4 – of cause.

    Best regards

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    As far as I can tell, the issue with automatic loading of vector maps in Locus 4 is not that it prefers Lomaps to OAM maps but that it is not good at recognising which map it should autoload if the shape of the map is not fairly rectangular. So I can successfully autoload Great Britain OAM moving from Ireland OAM, but nothing happens going the other way, even though I have both OAM and Lomap for Ireland.
    At the same time, if Locus is set to autoload vector maps, and both a Lomap and an OAM map are available, you may sometimes get two sets of contour lines. This is linked with OAM contours being closer than Lomap ones at present.
    These are both known problems.
    So, I’d just say use vector map autoload on Locus at your own risk. Depending on the maps you are using it may or may not work.

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    Viajero Perdido

    OAM V4 maps work better in Locus 4 than Locus’ own maps, which are still in the older V3 format. Still!

    Locus with V3 maps has trouble with labels, most particularly city labels. Identifying a city under the cursor was always a challenge. (Locus has two separate renderers internally, for V3 and V4 maps.) Also, with V4 maps it can draw curved labels. A curved label (what river is this?) is better than none at all.

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