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    I have the latest BCNAV Pro on a Samsung S8 with Android pie and the latest patches.. I am storing maps on the optional SD Card, with plenty of room. I successfully installed both the NY/VT/NH/CT/MA/RI and ME vector maps from openandromaps on the first try. Both the AZ and Middle America openandro maps will download to100%, but the phone does not give an alert sound, and the UNINSTALL button on the page does not ever change to VIEW. I tried multiple times Both are large files, but they appear to smoothly download. Any ideas?



    I’m not familar with BCNAV so it would be better to ask the app-developer for assistance.
    On the download pages of openAndroMaps website there is no UNINSTALL button.
    In general, sucessfully downloading to SD-Card depends on version of Android and, within Android version, which implementation/modification the producer of the device made.
    This is quite a mess …

    If you want to be shure that the maps are downloaded OK chose manual download, unzip with XARCHIVER from GooglePlaystore and move the .map to the final location using a filemanager – like totalcommander.

    Best regards


    PS: I started to use X-plore file manager fur such purposes, which offers both features in one (and much more).


    Thanks for the advice. I downloaded the Arizona map manually, opened it & installed it with the maps that were working. This caused failure of all the maps! I then moved the maps to internal storage which did not work either, and caused online maps to fail also! I switched to online maps and turned the internet off and on. This fixed everything for some reason and all the openandro maps now work! I have a lot to learn!

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