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    Hi, I use your maps on OruxMaps and find them great. Recently I’ve moved house and the map shows a nearby river covering more ground than it should. I’ve attached a screenshot of the map at that location. Here is what the river should look like:

    Interestingly enough I have another Android app which uses OSM data (Mapfactor Navigator) and it also shows the river incorrectly. So it seems like the problem is to do with the source data. I’d be happy to edit OSM and fix it but the version on the OSM website (see link above) is correct.

    Any ideas?



    Thats a common Problem, a Problem so wide spread that Mapnik has an Algorithm to correct it while rendering.
    Mapsforge, the library behind OpenAndroMaps Vectormaps does’nt.

    The RIverbank is defined in Relation 303.326 as:
    – type=multipolyon
    – waterway=riverbank
    so far so good

    However, some members of the outer ring (26 of them) still are tagged as waterway=riverbank.
    This means 26 open ended lines (bound by the multipoligon) are tagged as areas, autoclosed (begin to end of line) by the renderer = flooded areas.

    The reason for this problem usually is a previos very big single, closed way as riverbank, divided into smaller single ways, bound to a MP – AND the mapper forgot to delete the area definition tag from the (now) members of the MP.

    So delete the waterwas=riverbank from the member of the relation 303.326, once you have done this drop me a line here in this thread and I will rerender the map.

    Best regards, Christian


    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! I’ll play around with it and let you know when I’ve fixed it. It might not be straight away as I’m only just getting started with JOSM.


    If you have problems dont hesitate to drop me a line – I will help you, maybe with a short screencast

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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