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    The download page for Australia, Oceania maps at shows that the maps have been updated in the last few days. However, when I click on the download button for the Australia_NSW_VIC map & poi, the downloaded zip file still contains the map & poi from the previously available download, dated 2019-06-08, whereas the download page shows the map date as being 2019-09-10.

    I checked via ftp at, and none of the maps there show a more recent date than June.


    Hi Nick,

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention – You are right, the upload job crashed.
    .. should be resolved by Saturday 9:00 – 10:00 AM/MEZ



    Viajero Perdido

    Opposite to the above, I see the Canada maps have been updated on the FTP site (thank you!), but the Canada page on the OAM site still shows the older date. The map I downloaded from the ftp site is definitely the newer one. :)

    (Does using the FTP site save you money, or do both types of download use the same server?)

    BTW, thank you for expanding Alberta into a simple rectangle that includes the SE corner of British Columbia. This is exactly the part of BC that I like to explore, and this means I no longer need to download the enormous BC file except on rare occasions.


    Opposite to the above, I see the Canada maps have been updated on the FTP site

    That is inevitable during the upload prozess.

    I create the maps, upload these to a storrage box on my server and in the early morning the admin from GWDG picks up the files and transfer these to the ftp GWDG server.
    After this is done I update the Website, at midday, evening , sometimes next morning when sun is shining and I’m out on my cycle :-)

    Well, canada is a special problem.
    The Ontario map takes days to render cause:
    The great lakes were mapped in the bginning as sea with natural=coastline, this is no problem to render.
    Then in 2015 someone tagged these great lakes as multipolygones, real huge monster_polys – these silly MPs take days to finish.
    So I upload all maps of Canada, except of Ontario.
    When Ontario is finally ready I upload Ontario map and update the website.

    Well, this could be done more accurate, I know…

    Best regards

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