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    I would like to make the maps more usable for whitewater activities. Fortunately, the amount of data needed is very small, on the other hand the tag system is quite messy. Would it be possible to include following tags in transformations:
    <osm-tag key=’whitewater:section_grade’ value=’1′ zoom-appear=’10’ />
    <osm-tag key=’whitewater:section_grade’ value=’1+’ zoom-appear=’10’ />
    <osm-tag key=’whitewater:section_grade’ value=’1-‘ zoom-appear=’10’ />
    <osm-tag key=’whitewater:section_grade’ value=’2′ zoom-appear=’10’ />
    <osm-tag key=’whitewater:section_grade’ value=’2+’ zoom-appear=’10’ />
    <osm-tag key=’whitewater:section_grade’ value=’2-‘ zoom-appear=’10’ />
    <osm-tag key=’whitewater:section_grade’ value=’3′ zoom-appear=’10’ />
    <osm-tag key=’whitewater:section_grade’ value=’3+’ zoom-appear=’10’ />
    <osm-tag key=’whitewater:section_grade’ value=’3-‘ zoom-appear=’10’ />
    <osm-tag key=’whitewater:section_grade’ value=’4′ zoom-appear=’10’ />
    <osm-tag key=’whitewater:section_grade’ value=’4+’ zoom-appear=’10’ />
    <osm-tag key=’whitewater:section_grade’ value=’4-‘ zoom-appear=’10’ />
    <osm-tag key=’whitewater:section_grade’ value=’5′ zoom-appear=’10’ />
    <osm-tag key=’whitewater:section_grade’ value=’5+’ zoom-appear=’10’ />
    <osm-tag key=’whitewater:section_grade’ value=’5-‘ zoom-appear=’10’ />
    <osm-tag key=’whitewater:section_grade’ value=’6′ zoom-appear=’10’ />
    <osm-tag key=’whitewater:section_grade’ value=’6+’ zoom-appear=’10’ />
    <osm-tag key=’whitewater:section_grade’ value=’6-‘ zoom-appear=’10’ />

    <osm-tag key=’whitewater:rapid_grade’ value=’1′ zoom-appear=’10’ />
    <osm-tag key=’whitewater:rapid_grade’ value=’1+’ zoom-appear=’10’ />
    <osm-tag key=’whitewater:rapid_grade’ value=’1-‘ zoom-appear=’10’ />
    <osm-tag key=’whitewater:rapid_grade’ value=’2′ zoom-appear=’10’ />
    <osm-tag key=’whitewater:rapid_grade’ value=’2+’ zoom-appear=’10’ />
    <osm-tag key=’whitewater:rapid_grade’ value=’2-‘ zoom-appear=’10’ />
    <osm-tag key=’whitewater:rapid_grade’ value=’3′ zoom-appear=’10’ />
    <osm-tag key=’whitewater:rapid_grade’ value=’3+’ zoom-appear=’10’ />
    <osm-tag key=’whitewater:rapid_grade’ value=’3-‘ zoom-appear=’10’ />
    <osm-tag key=’whitewater:rapid_grade’ value=’4′ zoom-appear=’10’ />
    <osm-tag key=’whitewater:rapid_grade’ value=’4+’ zoom-appear=’10’ />
    <osm-tag key=’whitewater:rapid_grade’ value=’4-‘ zoom-appear=’10’ />
    <osm-tag key=’whitewater:rapid_grade’ value=’5′ zoom-appear=’10’ />
    <osm-tag key=’whitewater:rapid_grade’ value=’5+’ zoom-appear=’10’ />
    <osm-tag key=’whitewater:rapid_grade’ value=’5-‘ zoom-appear=’10’ />
    <osm-tag key=’whitewater:rapid_grade’ value=’6′ zoom-appear=’10’ />
    <osm-tag key=’whitewater:rapid_grade’ value=’6+’ zoom-appear=’10’ />
    <osm-tag key=’whitewater:rapid_grade’ value=’6-‘ zoom-appear=’10’ />

    <osm-tag key=’whitewater’ value=’put_in|egress’ zoom-appear=’10’ />
    <osm-tag key=’whitewater’ value=’hazard’ zoom-appear=’12’ />

    their corresponding rendering is then much simpler. In principle it would be best to reuse existing theme, but for large scale orientation, it is better if the navigable rivers are dominant feature on the map. For the testing, I use same color scheme as openseamaps, having following tags in addition to normal set:

    <rule e=”way” k=”whitewater:section_grade|whitewater:rapid_grade” v=”0″>
    <line stroke=”#0080ff” stroke-width=”5.0″ stroke-dasharray=”5,10″ />
    <rule e=”way” k=”whitewater:section_grade|whitewater:rapid_grade” v=”1|1+|1-“>
    <line stroke=”#00d400″ stroke-width=”5.0″ stroke-dasharray=”5,10″ />
    <rule e=”way” k=”whitewater:section_grade|whitewater:rapid_grade” v=”2|2+|2-“>
    <line stroke=”#ffd400″ stroke-width=”5.0″ stroke-dasharray=”5,10″ />
    <rule e=”way” k=”whitewater:section_grade|whitewater:rapid_grade” v=”3|3+|3-“>
    <line stroke=”#ff8000″ stroke-width=”5.0″ stroke-dasharray=”5,10″ />
    <rule e=”way” k=”whitewater:section_grade|whitewater:rapid_grade” v=”4|4+|4-“>
    <line stroke=”#ff0000″ stroke-width=”5.0″ stroke-dasharray=”5,10″ />
    <rule e=”way” k=”whitewater:section_grade|whitewater:rapid_grade” v=”5|5+|5-“>
    <line stroke=”#8000ff” stroke-width=”5.0″ stroke-dasharray=”5,10″ />
    <rule e=”way” k=”whitewater:section_grade|whitewater:rapid_grade” v=”6|6+|6-“>
    <line stroke=”#a000a0″ stroke-width=”5.0″ stroke-dasharray=”5,10” />



    It would be possible to add the whitewater tags according to his wiki:

    BTW: According to this wiki your mapping is wrong couse
    whitewater:section_grade is bound to a way
    whitewater:rapid_grade is bound to a node

    However, I’m pretty shure that whitewater:rapid_grade will occur both on nodes and ways cause eg. weir’s are often tagged as ways. So we have to check the situation in OSM concening these tags.
    I will take a look at this after the oncoming server switch of openandromaps will be done.

    Anyway, the most important thing: Who would create a solid Theme, maintain and give Support for this sport??

    Best regards, Christian


    Hi Christan,
    you are of course absolutery right regarding the section vs. rapid. In principle, there is no significant difference, at least from mapping point of view, and all three are used,

    In principle they could be folded into one whitewater:grade with transformation.

    I will gladly take care of the associated duties, including the theme.

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