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    Why these two values are worth distinguishing? In my mapping I was treating them as synonyms and now for the first time I see somebody treating them as separate – and I am curious whatever it is regional difference or whatever I was doing something wrong.


    Rendering them as synonyms is better than mapping them as synonyms, because the latter is muddling the differences.
    But I rendered them separately because “no” can make a difference, e.g. if you’re hiking in the mountains, a path with access=no might be closed because of some hazard, but private is something else completely. So if you’re in a bad situation with a thunderstorm coming up and can’t get down the path you planed, which one would you prefer?
    It’s also that there are areas on earth, e.g. in Bavaria where I live, where all paths in natural areas are free to enter by foot (depending on the type of road also by bike) for the public, whether private or not. There are some exceptions, e.g. military area, so it’s also important to know.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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