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  • Miguel Curto

    Tks for the replys,

    Although the rendering looks ok, I would still bel reluctant to name these as routes, maybe because my interpretation of “route” (or maybe just that my native language translation implies a very different thing) doesn’t really seem a fit to trails in question.

    Tobias assertion is accurate: around 90% of the trails I’ve marked in OSM are MTB “built”, as in there were no trail there to begin with, although some (not many) could be used by hikers they aren’t “hiker” friendly.

    Anyway,ty for the help but I think that as most my contributions are MTB oriented to me makes a lot more sense to move all the info I’ve gathered to Trailforks, I will no doubt use OpenAndromaps as a base map in Orux but I’m looking for a way to use Trailforks as a top layer.

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    Miguel Curto

    Got it, wasn’t really seeing the implications, the downloads all seem to be zip files, maybe it could be easily made only to map file name inside the zip file?I dont know…anyway it was just a suggestion,not a complain. :)
    I did put a post in Orux beta thread explaining it, maybe its a beta issue only, didnt tested it any further with regular version.
    Tks for all the work put into it.

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    Miguel Curto

    I did, but instrutions are a little vague, the osmarender page the wiki refers was more helpfull but it varies a bit, the opacity example is a good exemple.
    Tks Tobias, I suspected there was a subterfuge but couldn’t figure the trigger. Ty.

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    Miguel Curto

    The previous link isnt working, any documentation on how to change properties for “line stroke”? Took me a looooong time to figure out I could change opacity just by adding the percentage on the beggining of the hex number. :)

    I’ve started with the Lightnyng theme as the Elevate was just too complicated to start with, but cant figure out whhy on Lightning there are not edges on rodas that you get on other themes.
    Can someone please tell me what triggers a line being rendered with an outside black pixel or not?

    Ty in advance.

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    Miguel Curto

    Ok tks, sry for the confusion. On the OSM Wiki there’s a call for OpenAdroMaps but I’m confused as in the image (from Locus Pro) there are two representations for the same mtb:scale – dotted and dashed , was just wondering what triggers one over the other:

    It may clash with other notations but for many MTBikers makes more sense if trails difficulty are graded from green to black (or double black), like i see in this image.

    Tks for all the input and sry to take so much of your time.

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    Miguel Curto

    Tks a lot! Both Tobia and Emux, already have something to chew on for the next few days.
    Also ty for pointing out where to “tweak”, it makes it a lot easier to start with. Can be a bit daunting to try and apprehend all the basics at the same time.
    Will have a look at JOSM and Atlas.

    If possible just one more thing, then I promise i’ll be on my own for a while:

    Have a look at the screenshots at the bottom of this post:

    The first SS is from Andromaps MTB theme?
    Same as here?:
    Any noticeable difference of use between “Official MTB-Routes scale” and “MTB scale”? Or has it to do with the previously pointed out use of “highway=path with a bicycle=yes” / highway=cycleway so its rendered whatever use you choose?


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    Miguel Curto

    Sry,couldn’t edit my previous post, just some things i remembered:

    Elevate is designed for smallish smartphone screens with medium to very high dpi, OpenCycleMap is in the first place an online map for large desktop screens with low dpi

    I do know that and I’m reporting based on my phone / Oruxmaps beta /Elevate 3.0 experience, just for testing different settings its more convenient and faster to use Android over VirtualBox on desktop computer, turns out I used a tablet android image :)
    But I can clearly see trail names using Opencyclemaps online (level16) and when switching to Mapsforge have to zoom in a lot more for them to show, some appear at 18 others only at 20.

    I’m guessing the “code” responsible for path names rendering (using Elevelo_Cycling_L.) is where it reads:
    “<!– Pathtexts for cycling-Routes –>” , unfortunately I cant make much sense of whats in there.
    Any recommendations on where to find a manual or some literature that I could read to figure out what does what?

    I can see the potential of customizing how maps are rendered for different uses/needs using stylesheets displaying a lot more info than we have currently available with tile servers like slope grading,difficulty of trail,etc…and realize OpenAndroMaps have to serve a broad range of interests but I’m just looking to optimize it for MTB, which in fact may collide with other people “needs” like hiking,trekking,etc..

    Ty for the help.

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    Miguel Curto

    Hi,ty for the replies, although I’ve been using OSM for recreation for some time it was not until recently that I started trying to contribute, so any help on how to proper tag and identify correctly paths is more than welcome.
    I know theres more to paths than Opencycle maps (or Hikebike) show, in that same area of the image (you’re right: Pistas de Monsanto) the person that placed most of the trails did so using Cycle Paths, from what I’ve gathered using standard online editor you can only assign MTB atributes to generic paths:

    I’m guessing that Elevate would represent some of those attributes (IMBA Dificilty,incline,etc..) differently.
    I know its not the scope of this forum but you think it would be ok (netiquette wise) to change those as to reflect the true nature of trails or should I try to contact the creator to “permission”?

    Onthe TextPath thing: on first image I think there’s enough room for names or the trails to be placed but could it be that PM tag supersedes the name so name isnt shown?
    Would it make any difference to name being shown or not if its marked as cycle path or just a path?

    Ty for the help,I’m still trying to figure most things out.

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    Miguel Curto

    I’m relatively new to this mapsforge cene, have been playing with it for no more than a week as I’m recovering from a MTB crash so have some free time. I must say this themes, mainly V3.0 with Oruxbeta , do seem a lot better than stock theme however I do think it stills need a bit of improvement to be on par with opencyclemap or hikebikemap rendering. I’m guessing its more of an engine (mapsforge) limitation than a theme/configuration one but giving the latest improvements I’m sure it will be a matter of time.

    My interest is solely for MTB use and so is my feed-back:

    I’m guessing the Elevate theme followed the Openstreet Map stylesheet as the bycicle paths are rendered brownish or purple with brown glow, they stand out alright but in doing so the size relations get a bit odd, as most trail are indeed smaller/narrower than dirt roads:
    Elevate 3.0-Cycling-OruxBeta

    At least to me opencyclemap has a perfect ballance between ease of reading and size relationships:

    As paths are rendered as dashed lines, at least for MTB trails standout clearly from build roads which are represented by 2 parallel lines.
    Also, I presume its an engine limitation but do path names allways need to be placed “inside” path? I noticed they only show up if path is rendered wide enough: name only shows up on very close zoom or if text is on low size setting, could this also be the reason to cycle paths being represented by parallel lines?
    One more thing, whenever you use a cycling theme:what does the “PM” text represented beside some cycling paths mean? Is that a theme configurable thing or engine related?

    Ty for these great themes and also for collecting and distributing these maps.

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