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    My thinking is that if we use grave=yes with importance=rural that would clearly make distinction when such object should be rendered.

    I have nothing against your idea for specifically denote singular grave although I am not quite sure if it is needed. I saw in proposal that there are ideas to use ‘is_in’ to distinguish if grave is within cemetery or not and it seems more logical approach.

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    I checked out discussion about grave tag and found out that already proposed grave=yes or grave=grave would do the job.

    I understand your point on overmaping.and agree that there is an issue. I myself few times argued about overmapping and always was shut with the same answer: it is better to have option something to be mapped even it it means cluttering data, than having no option to map it at all – if it is mapped it does not have to be rendered. I agreed with that point, in time.

    I guess it is just matter of what is important to whom.Although we agree here that mapping of every single grave on cemetery is not needed, one who visits very large graveyard he is not familiar with, could be delighted to see that it is mapped in OSM…

    For this particular case I guess rendering grave makes sense on hiking and cycling maps for rural areas. In cities, it does not make such sense. I suppose there is option for rendering tools to make distinction.

    The is interesting proposal of a key importance ( which is actually already in use in very similar projects (although it is still in proposal). So it might be good starting point.

    I’ve downloaded updated Balkan map, copied to Android together with new styles,but neither building=hut not building=cabin is rendered. I guess, you use OSM source which was not synchronized yet.

    Never mind. I will wait a while, for new regular update when I guess everything will be in it’s place.

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    Tobias is right, man_made=water_well should be included.
    If you want to test the new mapping I will render one maps out of the regular shedule, just say what map you want.

    That would be great. I am working on area which is part of your Balcan map.

    How often is it updated regularly?

    Is there a way I can render that locally so I can work quicker? This area needs number of fixtures in OSM to be properly rendered.

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    It seems there is no official way to map single grave, so I could not make it be rendered anywhere, not just OpenAndroMaps.

    Although i share your concerns, I guess OSM siple rule: if it is on the ground it should be mappable.

    In this case single graves are outstanding to help in orientation in mountains.

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    Tobias, thanks for quick response. It was helpful.

    I will try building=hut and also building=cabin if it is supported. It is important to be rendered as it is significant for orientation in mountains.

    About grave, it is not memorial so that tagging is inappropriate. Is just plain grave with thumb stone, but alone, not within a graveyard. The best I could find is to set cemetery=grave but does not render anywhere.

    For wells, I used man_made=water_well but it is sadly not rendered. I hope they will support it in a future.

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