Server problem at Openandromaps

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Openandromaps was down from 12.12.2013, 10:00h to 13.12.2013, 11:15h.

The reason: someone/somewhat has replaced the php.ini to a standard one.
A site like Openandromaps is not able to run with a standard server setup.

Anyway: The is in operation and will stay so.
The last weeks saw numerous improvements with the maps thanks to my Co-Author Tobias

One last statement:
The costs of this project are about 2000-2500€ per year, depending of the neccessary hardware replacements.
The donations currently sum up to about 100€ PER MONTH.
The download loggs count 500-1500 maps PER DAY.

I kindly ask you to support this project and keep it free – thanks a lot!

Best regards, Christian

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