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    It took longer than I thought (3.5 years!), but the days of Elevate 2 are numbered. There are probably no more apps that can use OpenAndroMaps but are based on a mapsforge version earlier than 0.5. Elevate 2 was still supported for guaranteeing compatibility for those apps, but that will be no longer necessary.
    There are still some problematic cases, but either the problems will be solved by the developers, or the users will have to use the maps without new features. There still might be bug fixes, and it will be possible to download Elevate 2 as long as it makes sense.
    Here’s an overview of apps I tested, those are probably the most popular ones, including support status for mapsforge v4 themes:

    Full support:
    BackCountry Navigator

    Limited support:
    BikeComputer – you can select mapstyles only, not overlays
    Locus – costumized version necessary

    Buggy support:
    c:geo – mapstyles/overlays are not selectable, all content is shown simultaneously
    RouteConverter – mapstyles/overlays are not selectable, all content is shown simultaneously

    Please help with this list, especially apps that have some kinds of problems or don’t work at all with Elevate 4.


    For me thats perfect OK.

    The Overlays and Styles were an essential improvement for Mapsforge Maps.
    .. and invented years ago ..
    Probably same will happen with V3 maps step by step next year.

    No sense to invest resources for long outdated versions

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    Progress never stops… :)

    Thanks to community, Mapsforge supports now scaling (also) for PNG in render themes.

    Note: I implemented PNG scaling also in VTM.

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    As the speed of adopting new mapsforge support in all apps is quite glacial (with some positive exceptions), it’s always hard for us to keep up to date with the newest developments. So maybe in some more years we’ll have v5 themes and maps ;-)
    But I’m glad that there are always new things happening!

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