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    I’m using MOBAC to convert an OpenAndroMap to a raster format. I would like to lose the green diagonals that denote a national park. MOBAC just reads the rendertheme file so I think I need to edit the file in a text editor.

    I don’t know my way round a rendertheme file. Can someone save me a lot of trial and error? Cheers.


    Interaktiv Grafika

    In line 1624:

    <rule cat="borders" e="way" k="leisure|boundary" v="nature_reserve|national_park|protected_area">

    just change „borders“ to „borders_“ or something like that… but the outlines of those areas will disappear as well…


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    Thank you very much. That works perfectly.

    Losing the outlines of the national parks doesn’t matter for my purposes. I just want a map suitable for navigating with. Personally I find the green diagonals an unnecessary distraction.

    Great to have my query so promptly and expertly dealt with.
    10/10 for IG and the OAM forum :-)

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