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    Miguel Curto


    maybe this is a bit outside of the scope of the forum but like the subject says was wondering is there is any tag for marking a potentially dangerous place for Moutain Biking or some TTF (Technical Trail Features) as jumps/drops, and if so how can it be represented by a map style: is there a generic icon already used or can I create one?

    I think there must be some tag in OSM data, as theres an online MTB map (from OSM data) that has a „Dangerous“ representation:

    but the closest match I found was „hazard“ and dont even know if its already being used or not.



    Hi Miguel,

    I looked at that map and also the data where a „dangerous MTB spot“ is marked. I found nothing there, only that MTB scale changes at the exclamation marks, so maybe that’s just it.

    I don’t know if there already exists something like TTF etc., the best resource is starting at the wiki – also look at the discussions pages:

    Hazard is probably ment for car drivers in that proposal, as far as I got at a quick view. If a tag is used is very easy to see – just have a look at taginfo, there is also a short summary of it and link to it on the wiki page of hazard (in the box top right):

    At least I can tell you that there is no key like that in openandromaps. It would have to be included in tag-mapping, without that adding it to a map style is fruitless.

    Best regards,

    Developer of Elevate mapstyle


    MTB tags can be applied to nodes as well as ways. The idea is to mark a single difficult passage in an otherwise easier trail. My best guess is they are just interpreting that in a generic way. I had in mind to implement something like that but I still haven’t verified if mtb tags are retained on nodes in OAM.

    The best way to know is to find such a spot and look at its tagging on OSM.

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