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    I lost ability to enable “extended road surfaces” overlay, it is missing from list of Elevate LE overlays.

    I tried Hiking, City, Cycling Mountain bike versions.

    I tried Elements LE.

    I tried reinstalling Locus.

    I know that just before I somehow enabled this option – I even asked question because I was confused

    Has anybody got any idea what happened?

    Elevate LE in bicycle mode currently has

    – cycling route
    – emphasized routes
    – settlement names
    – landscape names
    – borders + special areas
    – amenities
    – barriers
    – outdoors + sport
    – emergency
    – Accommodation
    – restaurants + bars
    – shops + service
    – tourism + culture
    – public transport
    – Car
    – special building

    overlays available. How can I get back „extended road surfaces“?


    Seems like you’re using an Elevate version before 4.2.0 now. Try installing it again with your Android browser and quick installation. Maybe you used a different device when it was available for you?

    Developer of Elevate mapstyle



    I am certain that it was the same device (I have acccess to only one device with Android).

    I tested with Orux what for now fixed my issues.

Ansicht von 3 Beiträgen - 1 bis 3 (von insgesamt 3)

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