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    i have installed the newest Oruxmaps 7.4.22 on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 with Android 8.0. I want to store data on the external sd card, so i created oruxmaps folders on the external SD as described in the help pdf manual (for 6.5). Unfortunately automatically downloading/installing maps from OpenAndroMaps does not work. When i try to download/install the elevate4 style the error is: „oruxmaps kann nicht in dieses Verzeichnis schreiben“. When i try to install 3D data to DEM folder this also does not work „download failed“.
    When i change back the paths to the internal memory, the installation of elevatev4 still fails and the maps on the sd card are still available in Oruxmaps ….
    I think there are problems in writing data to /storage/0000-0000/Android/data/com.orux.oruxmaps, perhaps the app has no write access?
    Any suggestions or bugfix?

    Thanks in advance,


    When you go to settings->maps->Maps directory, and choose a file path on your external SD card, OruxMaps asks you authorize write access if it doesn’t have it. Have you used this setting? You can set any directory on the external SD with that, not just the one you mentioned.
    As Mapstyles aren’t that large, it’s a good idea to keep them in the default directory on the internal SD. The only OruxMaps data I use the external SD for is DEMs and maps.
    For further questions or bugs use the official OruxMaps forum, although Orux is a bit slow at the moment (as this is still a one guy app).

    Developer of Elevate mapstyle

Betrachte 2 Beiträge - 1 bis 2 (von insgesamt 2)
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