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    Recently found some new trails/greenways which were not on the displayed map. My maps were about a year old so I thought I would update them. Half a day later, I think? I have the updated render theme and maps installed and Orux functioning again. Installing Elevate update broke all the maps! Why is this update process so painful!

    Anyway, To show the map issue navigate to Hillsborough, NC, USA. On the south side of Hillsborough find Gold Park. Look NW from the park between the railroad tracks and the Eno river. Zoom level 15-17 shows a single path along the river. Increase the zoom to 18 and magically more trail shows up in a paved style (which it is). Zoom level 19 shows even more trail and now all is paved. I think the whole trail is paved and is part of Hillsborough’s Riverwalk Park/Greenway.

    This appears to be a display issue. How would someone know to zoom in to find more details if the trail is NOT shown at lower zoom level?



    You probably have a cache issue. Try deleting the cache in OruxMaps (settings->maps->reset raster cache)
    And why was the update process painfull/Elevate broke all the maps? Sounds strange to me. Have you used „Quick install in Android“ from the Elevate page? I don’t know how it could be easier without using an app.

    Developer of Elevate mapstyle

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    This is all I see in the area you describe. On an iPad and in a more basic app.
    “MST” is shown as the Hillsborough Riverwalk. It looks much the same on Google Earth.
    Changing the zoom makes no difference that I can discern. Neither does swapping through a variety of different styles.
    I have learnt to drill down through a lot of zoom levels when investigating an area. Sometimes things pop up like Easter Eggs :)
    As an old guy who likes hill walking and cycling (and I’m English so “Brown Elfin Knob” made me snigger) I am pretty gob-smacked that such a powerful global mapping system can be free.
    Regards, Pat.

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