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    That was quick !
    Thanks a lot

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    Thanks to the info found in this topic and also this one from solitone , I managed to do what I was looking for.
    From my android phone, I can now run a small script that downloads the latest path and track info directly from the OSM overpass API (for a very small area) and creates a new vector map in the Locus directory using the Elevate theme for rendering.
    Typically I use this small map as an overlay (only showing hiking paths and tracks) :
    – On top of OpenAndroMaps to have a preview of my recent edits and to get updates from others made during the last month (official map uses planet.osm from end of June in my area).
    – On top of satellite or aerial images
    – On top of French IGN hiking maps to get the most out of the 2 worlds (very detailed landscape features from IGN and up-to-date hiking paths with difficulty and visibility info from OSM).

    I will soon post my script here with some details in case other people are interested.

    Again, many thanks to Christian and Tobias for their hard work and the amazing outcomes from it !
    Please keep on supporting this project with some donations :-)

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    Thanks for your quick answer Christian.
    Alternatively, is it possible to:

    1 / Produce maps of poorer quality in a simple way (without all the bells and whistles) that would still render correctly (with elevate theme) the hiking paths with sac_scale and trail_visibility tags ? No route relations. Contours if possible but not mandatory. POIs not mandatory. This is only for mapping purposes and I can still overlay other maps to get the missing context.

    2/ Kindly ask you to generate a specific area (smaller than existing ones) on the fly ? For instance Central Pyrenees like: E: 0 to 2.1 / N:42.5 to 43 ?

    Best regards

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    Hi Christian,
    First thanks a lot for this huge amount of work and for providing the results for free. I will soon make a donation for sure.
    I am also interested in creating my own .map files for a small area with daily updates (I need it during intense mapping periods).
    I have read the main steps described in this topic and I feel like it would be very helpful to have a short tutorial in the MapBasics section of your website.
    Would you agree writing it down with your own tips accumulated from your experience ?
    That would be awesome !
    Many thanks

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