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    I downloaded and extracted a section of EV15. This gave me a file called

    Then I downloaded and installed Orux.

    I can’t open the file. Where should it sit in the Orux directory? I have tried several places, but it didn’t work.


    Update. I discovered about clicking + rather than Download (what is the Download button for?) and I can see a very detailed map in Orux.

    But no waypoints or route are showing. Now what?


    hi Frank,

    You are looking for this page:

    there’s a video.
    Please follow the instructions to the end.
    If there are still questions left don’t hesitate to ask further.

    I strongly recommend to use the quick installation, at least for the themes (styles)

    Best regards, Christian


    Yes, indeed.Thanks.


    I am using OpenAndroMaps on the iPhone with VectorialMap. All good, all going looking great. I also use Elevate3_L – also (sort-of) looking good 🙂

    Now, when I say „sort-of“ – I should clarify: I am using the maps mostly for cycling (on road touring). The maps looks good – but it means that the „cycling“ MapStyle would be my first choice.

    Having said that, VectorialMap unfortunately does not let me choose MapStyles – which then would seem that the default style is „Hiking“. Right?

    Bottom line: here’s the question: How can I „hard-wire“ the map style default to be „cycling“?

    I have tried to modify the elevate.xml file – changing the <stylemenu> attribute „defaultvalue“ to „defaultvalue=elv-cycling“ — without a great visible difference. Is that all that would be required?

    Thanks for your help,


    Normally changing the default value for a map style would suffice for selecting automatically at the start a different one.

    I don’t know if the app has cached something and needs to clear it too.



    Are you sure the app works with an Elevate 3 theme? Those are for mapsforge 0.5+, I haven’t heard before of an IOS conversion for that. Maybe the internal theme of vectorial map is displayed.
    If you can’t select maps styles it’s general a better idea to use Elevate 2, cycling is a separate theme file there.

    Developer of Elevate mapstyle


    No – not sure at all. All I can report is that I can see Elevate_L in the list of themes, I can select it, it displays differently from any of the others (e.g. andro… and/or Elevelo) – so, I simply assumed that at least some degree of „working“ was the case…

    That said, when I asked the developer of VectorialMap (w.r.t. to choosing a „Map Style“) that his app wasn’t implemented to work with v4 of the mapsforge rendering theme(s).

    So, you might very well be correct – plus being a newcomer to OpenAndroMaps and your themes – I could not conclusively identify the changes from Elevate v2 to Elevate v3.

    I might try Elevate 2 – see what I think. The worst case is still pretty good – as I quite like what I currently see 😀 I just thought there might be yet something better to be had 😀

    I’ll report back… thanks for the help.

Betrachte 8 Beiträge - 1 bis 8 (von insgesamt 8)
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