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    I just installed World-1-9-trnsp.ovrl-10.sqlitedb for Locus Pro. Thanks Michael & Tobias for all the hard work. However I find that none of the text is visible, It is just too small. Can it be increased in size a little?
    For example:
    sample Locus map at ZL9


    Hi Andrew,

    Unfortunately not. The Text in Pixelmaps is’nt a seperate information (as it is in Vectormaps) it consists of pixels embedded in the map.
    Its not even possible to render the text bigger while producing the maps cause the basemaps are pixelmaps from several tileservers.
    All you can do is a digital zoom of the whole map (most APPs do support this)



    Thanks Christian. Ahh yes, had forgotten about the Locus magnifier. Also if I set „increase map resolution“ to 500% I can see the text better (although far too much for vector maps). Seems best compromise is combination of „increase map resolution“ 250% and magnifier, then it works for vector maps too.

Betrachte 3 Beiträge - 1 bis 3 (von insgesamt 3)
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