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    Avatar-FotoMiguel Curto

    as the subject implies I think it would be a good idea to differentiate map name to reflect dates updated. I think its a bug in Oruxmaps beta but I couldnt erase cache while map was loaded, so I ended up downloading it a few times because I couldnt be sure I was using a new version.
    Instead of something like (date of would help access download or application errors.

    Tks for all the help and maps btw.


    Hi Miguel,

    Appending/Prepending a Date is basicly a good idea.
    However, there are some serious side effects:
    – All download-links have to be modified with each update
    – All tasks based on map_names (flood protection, redirects, statistics, aso..) would be a pain.
    – …

    I agree that in Oruxmaps its difficult to check the map creation date, maybe @Tobisa has an Idee how to do this??

    There are several Plugins for Browsers that preseve the file date, eg:
    maybe thats worth a try. (This, of cause, does not work for quick installation)

    Best regards,

    Avatar-FotoMiguel Curto

    Got it, wasn’t really seeing the implications, the downloads all seem to be zip files, maybe it could be easily made only to map file name inside the zip file?I dont know…anyway it was just a suggestion,not a complain. 🙂
    I did put a post in Orux beta thread explaining it, maybe its a beta issue only, didnt tested it any further with regular version.
    Tks for all the work put into it.


    I agree that in Oruxmaps its difficult to check the map creation date, maybe @Tobisa has an Idee how to do this??

    AFAIK there’s no internal solution, just with a file browser.

    But as far as I understand the main problem here is that an old cached map is displayed and not the new downloaded one. It wouldn’t help if you know that the current map is the newest one, if there’s a bug with the cache which still shows the old one.

    A differing map name might be a workaround, but it also makes other things more complicated. For example I use composite maps (pre-rendered hillshade combined with OAM), which I would have to set up again every time I download an updated OAM map with a different name.

    So this workaround with changing the name would generate other problems, fixing the cache bug would be better in my opinion.

    Best regards,

    Developer of Elevate mapstyle

Betrachte 4 Beiträge - 1 bis 4 (von insgesamt 4)
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