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    Hi JohnPercy,

    many thanks for your very good theme. Thanks

    I have validate your Theme with the xsd
    -.. change version=“3″
    -…circle radius=
    -…removed ..repeat-gap=“40″

    Furthermore, I have included a closed line for Ways tagged for „Bicycle=yes“. But you must take a new mapfile from OAM (25.2.2015 or newer)
    <!– Todo womisa –>
    <rule e=“way“ k=“bicycle“ v=“bic_yes“ zoom-max=“20″ zoom-min=“14″>
    <line stroke=“#0083D7″ stroke-width=“0.5″ stroke-linecap=“round“/>
    Thanks again


    I’ve worked on the Atlas versions a bit more, following Womisa’s contribution. I’ve updated the display of bicycle routes and cycle paths, footways/paths (not distinguished well in practice in the map data) plus what we know in the UK as byways (deprecated in OSM).
    Generally, blue dashes are cycle ways, green dashes represent dual use both on bike and on foot (bridle paths in the UK), and brown shorter dashes use on foot only. There is one svg version with red dashes instead of brown for enhanced visibility.
    Blue blobs are cycle routes, green blobs are hiking routes. Cycle routes are now also indicated by blue dashes on the roads.
    All variants of track now have brown edges.
    Footpaths, bridleways and cycleways are now indicated as such where they follow the path of a mapped track or pedestrian way. Technically, the display depends on the map data indicating that access on foot or by bike is designated or permissive, or that there is a recognised route or way.

    The Locus versions are unchanged at present, but have been uploaded here again for convenience.

    The key is even more outdated. I will upload a new version once I have worked out a sensible way to construct one.


    Hi JohnPercy,

    thanks for your update.

    Sorry, for example, those bike lanes suitable not displayed as cycleways eg: like this
    can you please integrate this?
    You can show such ways for your region ==>

    Wat do you think about this?

    Best regards


    I think my theme does what you want. It shows „bicycle=yes“ on all paths and tracks, in blue if they are marked only for bicycles, in green if they are marked for bicycles and pedestrians.
    What it intentionally doesn’t do is show where ordinary roads are marked „bicycle=yes“, as access on bike is only to be expected. I tried that option and the map data gave unsatisfactory results. The only substantial data appears to be where the way is a track or a path.
    Or have I missed something?
    I could of course do a bicycle version where the „bicycle=yes“ ways are all marked in blue, irrespective of whether they are dual use or solely for bikes.


    I think it is a special case for me…….so forget it

    take my demo way with its attributes and show your.png
    and with my rule (outer level) my.png
    <!– todo womisa–>
    <rule e=“way“ k=“bicycle“ v=“bic_yes“ zoom-min=“14″ zoom-max=“20″>
    <line stroke=“#0083D7″ stroke-width=“1.0″ stroke-dasharray=“1,30″/>
    <line stroke=“#0083D7″ stroke-width=“0.2″ stroke-linecap=“round“/>


    You are quite right. Unfortunately I didn’t succeed in updating the zipfile before I uploaded it. So here (hopefully) are the correct ones. So sorry for the confusion.


    thanks for the new update!
    Now my demo way is gone green, but it should be blue for me (bicycle). The „hike“ has as a priority, and will last rendered (bicycle=yes and foot=yes).
    I think you have to separate the two themes (catagorys) and put them into a separate „bicycle“ and „hiking“ Layer (Category). The new feature from Mapsforge makes this possible.
    The new beta-Themes by Tobias show this in impressive fashion,



    What you describe is intentional and documented above.
    Brown short dashes = hike
    Blue dashes = bike
    Green dashes = hike AND bike (Cyclists: watch out for walkers! Walkers: watch out for cyclists!)

    If this really doesn’t work for you I can produce a bike variant (and later, layers).

    Layers are on my to-do list but I need to think about what I want to show on each, partly because Voluntary was designed as a general-purpose theme.


    The new versions uploaded today make use of the tags in maps from OpenAndroMaps that indicate access by bike and on foot. Tracks now have access indicated down the centre where this is mapped (blue=bike, orange=foot,green=bike and foot). Hike and bike networks are indicated similarly on roads, as well as by large blobs.
    Colours are derived from UK Ordnance Survey, if you wondered.
    They are also compatible with maps from Locus, but without those features.
    No overlays as yet, sorry.


    Updated Voluntary Atlas files


    Updated key (WIP)


    Now includes a fully scalable Locus theme using svgs. I’ve updated all files, made all pngs much smaller and ensured the svgs display correctly on Locus, Atlas and Cruiser.
    As a bonus there are Euro and Dollar versions of the bank, atm and toll symbols included in the folders (Locus and Atlas svg only) that you can rename and slot in if you wish.


    Hi John, it’s nice to see you keep improving the theme!

    Some issues I saw:

    – Generally for the relative paths it’s recomended to start them without the „/“ symbol, e.g.:

    – I see some paths with „..“ leading to non existing files.

    – If I use Atlas or Cruiser with a console I see messages:
    „ optimize
    WARNING: unreachable rule (e)“
    It’s possible some rules are not used at all.

    – At Atlas console I see many exceptions regarding the SVG parsing.
    Probably some SVG have rendering problems?



    Thanks for the feedback, Emux
    I’ve picked up on the wrong file locations, better relative path syntax. I have already checked that all the uploaded svg files were displayed correctly by Atlas, but I realise that some of them have Inkscape information in the xml, which I am now removing and will upload the corrected files shortly.
    I don’t know what the „unreachable“ message is about. How do you access the console in Atlas?


    For cleaning SVG files in batch mode SVG Cleaner is very nice:
    The basic preset works well for me.
    You get the console messages if you open a command window and enter (for example in windows when at atlas.jar location) java -jar atlas.jar
    Best regards,

    Developer of Elevate mapstyle

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