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    since there are friends who have iphone and would like to use your maps, I discovered that there is this app that also uses your maps.

    Confirm this?
    Best regards


    I heard about that, also there is an IOS version of this:
    There have been some discussion/comments on the German language version of this site:

    But we can’t give any support here, no first hand experience.
    Mapsforge isn*t officially ported to IOS, so there aren’t a lot of apps, but there is some development:!msg/mapsforge-dev/OofRv2s-E2c/kENSPZaSblQJ
    Best regards,

    Developer of Elevate mapstyle


    I’m using VectorialMap Lite on iPhone and iPad. It works well with Openandromaps which are very impressive as they are so compact and very simple to load compared to other free maps. ( and detailed!) However at present you do have to download them in a browser and unzip them before opening the .map file in VectorialMap Lite. I use the Tiramisu 2.0 Style (= rendertheme) obtained from within the app. You can download Mapsforge free maps directly from within the app but they don’t show contours for me. The app is free to download as are the maps (I was even moved to donate!) so you can try them out for free but to use the tracking facility you have to pay £3.99.
    I tried the OsmAnd Maps app which also uses Openandromaps but it did not run smoothly on my iPhone 5s and the map downloading was more complex. Galileo Offline Maps did not show contours.


    I only just noticed the date of the original post 🙂


    For anyone who comes across this old thread.
    Vectorial is now replaced by „Cartograph 2 Maps“ which has many additions and improvements

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