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    I started using your maps one year ago, with oruxmaps, and I’m very satisfacted, so thank you for your hard work!
    Downloading Italy map after last update (03/12/2017) I noticed that the file (after extracting it from the zip file) seems created on 19/05/2017, and lacks some changes that I have uploaded in november to the OSM map (but the .poi file has the date of 03/12/2017): is there a problem in the updating process of .map or am I doing anything wrong?


    Thanks for your message because I am suffering from exactly the same issue: where are my own OSM edits ???
    I recently started to submit quite some updates to OSM and yesterday I was happy to see that a new December map was prepped. So I loaded that into Locus Pro (Android) and do not see any of my edits in the map. So euh ???
    Maybe there is some ‘latency’ of a day or so, but _none_ of my edits. Even more, an old edit in OSM of months ago is not even in there. So is there a freak mixup somewhere ???


    I have an example here of an edit of 24 November 2017:
    I cleared the cache of the app and some more, but this new piece of path just does not show up in the December map of the Netherlands.
    Am I missing something ?

    BTW: also 12 days ago:
    The entrance to the P was added, but is not included in the Dec map.

    Thanks for any reply!



    Probably there was something wrong when you decompressed the – mabe there is a italy_ml(1).map somewhere in your temp folder. – Cause, the zip file contains the correct created on 3.12.2017.

    Download it direct after you have cleared yout temp and download folders :

    As for the freshness of the OSM_Database:
    The current update is based on planet-latest from 2017-11-23.

    Unlike other Map-Providers we do not create our maps out of the preformated extracts from the geoserver – we use our own, IMO much better map-coverage.
    This means that we have to make all extraxts out from the planet-file – that is created only once a week and have to be preprozessed by OAM – taking another 8h.

    So its impossible that maps contain every change in OSM-Data till their creation date.

    The prozess is that I download planet-latest, preprozess it and update all maps.

    Best regards


    OK ChristianK, this makes it perfectly clear to me. Thanks for answering. I have the thought that the date stamp with the Dutch map (or all maps for that matter), is now 2017-12-02, is then a bit confusing: the date could also state that 23rd, of 2017-11-23, to make clear the state of the contents. And/Or, can I read somewhere such a 23rd date of the planet-latest, as source date for the maps? Imho, that is valuable info for users.
    BTW, my remark of old edits of months ago in my earlier post is incorrect; my edits started the 24th Nov, so exactly after the data was collected for the Dec map. Lucky me :)
    BBTW, as I am a happy user of your maps with Locus Pro for Geocaching and for OSM Mapping, I just made a small donation. I suggest to others to do the same ;)

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